Warrandyte Mountain Bike Club

For the purpose of this Declaration, the word ‘Club’ will signify the Warandyte Mountain Bike Club Inc and its subsidiary companies and its affiliated organisations, Clubs and other sub groups and members.

1. I hereby accept responsibility for my safety and personal possessions.

2. I acknowledge and understand that activities of the Club may be dangerous in training, social riding and competition and I hereby attest and verify that I have no disabilities which may restrict my participation or ability to take part in Club activities in the membership category applied for.

3. I acknowledge that I have no insurance cover as a result of my membership of the Club. Further, I acknowledge that I have been made aware of the insurance coverage available to me through membership of Mountain Bike Australia and/or Cycling Victoria and accept responsibility for acting on that knowledge.

4. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of an injury, accident and/or illness whilst involved in Club activities.

5. I hereby agree to accept and abide by the respective Rules, Regulations and Resolutions of the Club.

6. I hereby agree not to make any public statements via any medium in relation to the Club other than authorised by the Club.

7. I agree not to behave in any way that would bring the club into disrepute by word or action.

8. I hereby represent the information given in this application form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

9. I tender the appropriate fees necessary for the consideration and acceptance of my Application for Membership.

10.I acknowledge and understand that acceptance of my Application for Membership does not guarantee acceptance into any course, program or event offered by my Club.